Wasteland cleaning generally refers to building cleaning process of building external walls, glass and the interior of the building ground, walls, glass, toilet, stairs, elevators, plumbing, fire fighting equipment and other facilities before formal use.

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XX Cleaning Co. Ltd., is composed of a professional technology to cleaning, cleaning technicians frontier based service team, ten year experience in office buildings, residential buildings, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, district and so on each kind of matter The exterior and interior industry place cleaning, daily cleaning of the professional service. XX clean with cleaning equipment is advanced and its cleaning agents, mainly to undertake cleaning, stone wall units polishing, crystal face processing, polishing wax, air control, central air-conditioning cleaning, large open up wasteland cleaning , property cleaning, professional level of exterior wall waterproof, waterproof processing, carpet, sofa, cleaning and other services. Our business involves more than one city in sichuan. In ten years, we have accumulated rich experience in the wall, but also help peers to solve many technical problems, customers to the property, five Stars Hotel, the municipal building,... 【more】

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